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Make your own nail polish using your eye shadows

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Assembly : 100% Féminin/Crédits :

A colorful varnish at your fingertips

Nail varnish colours are available in a large variety of colour tones, yet you could be saving money by making your own! If you have lots of eyeshadows that you don’t use, they can be adapted to create interesting nail varnish colours, meaning you won’t have anyone wearing the same colour as you!

What you need:

  • A clear nail varnish bottle
  • A small funnel

Ingredients :

– Eyeshadow powder
– A knife or scissors
– A pestle and mortar
– A cotton bud

How to make it:

1/ Gently scrape with the tip of your scissors the pigments of an eye shadow that you no longer use. You can even choose to use two different shades and mix them together. Sequined shadows look incredible.

2/ Grind the pigments with your mortar.

3/Place the powder in a funnel (or use paper/ tin foil to make one) and pour it into your nail varnish bottle, or add into an empty bottle and poor in some clear varnish.

4/ Mix will clear nail varnish and it is ready to use!

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