Make your own blush in 2 minutes using only spices


A gourmet blush to make at home in no time!

Nothing could be easier than creating your own blush. So why bother buying a new one, at a price that it surely not worth spending? Here is a recipe, tested and approved by Bénédicte Moret, of the French Family Zero Waste, which will have the merit of perfuming your cheekbones with natural products that you surely already have in your kitchen. It is your wallet that will thank you!


  • Cinnamon powder
  • Paprika in powder
  • Cocoa in powder


1/ For a bronzed complexion, apply only cocoa powder on your cheeks with a blusher brush.

2/ For a more colorful complexion, mix the paprika and cinnamon together and apply with your brush, or small washable wipes.

3/ Keep the excess powder in a small jar or an airtight glass jar, with edges not too wide to soak your brush. The ideal would be to reuse an old pot of day cream for example.

And now, voila ! The advantage is that you will be able to recreate this recipe and make different colour tones to suit your skin tone.