Lose weight easily with a simple lemon

Lemon contains only goodness!

Lemon has only benefits. And for good reason, it is used everywhere: in cooking for dishes or cakes, added to our homemade household cleaning products, or as natural cosmetics in our bathroom. But did you know that this multi functional citrus also has the power to accelerate weight loss? Thanks to the pectin it contains, it will help fight sudden cravings and reduce the feelings of hunger during the day. Here is a miracle cure it can not be simpler to lose weight effectively.

The miracle recipe

Lemon is an alkaline citrus, not acid, even if you think the opposite due to its sharp taste. It is the level of alkalinity that will allow you to burn fat consumed during your meals, and promote weight loss.

  • A lemon
  • Water

1/ Squeeze a lemon and poor the juice into a glass

2/ Add water to the top

3/ Drink the mixture three times a day:

  • One in the morning to cleanse the liver.
  • After each meal to cleanse the body of acidic foods and toxins, and melt away fat during digestion.
Crédits : Pixabay

The lemon is not going to burn fat already installed but the ones you will consume during your meals: it is this process that will lead to weight loss.

This simple and effective tip is not a diet per say, and will allow you to eat the foods you want while avoiding, of course, abusing sugars and fats, as well as naughty snacking.

If you stick to it, you should already be able to see results even after the first week. Magic, is not it?

Crédits : Pixabay