Learn a foreign language quickly and easily: it is possible!

Credits: Flickr

We are always amazed when we meet people who can speak several languages. They seem to possess a form of genius we could never hope to match! However, learning a language isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Like anything, you simply need to give it a little time, and know the right methods.

Clearly, for the majority of us, the techniques they used in school to teach languages were complete failures. Having to practice in class in front of your peers was possibly not the best way to incite you to try out a new language and learn from your mistakes.

Here are a few tips to easily learn a new language.

Decide on definite goals for your language acquisition

When we want to learn a new language, firstly we need to decide on our precise goals. In other words, you need to have a need for it. There is a difference between doing it to impress your friends, and doing it to be able to communicate with someone, or do business abroad.


Instead of memorising interminable lists of words or spending your time with your head in grammar books, it is much more worthwhile to practice the language whenever possible. After all, when you learn your native tongue, you don’t have your head stuck in the books! The same goes for additional languages.

Of course, the best way is to live in complete immersion in that country, but we don’t all have the means or the time to move to a foreign country for a few months.

Fortunately, we live in the digital age, where it is possible to practice a new language from the comfort of your own home, in front of your computer. If we want to learn Italian, for example, we can first go for a classic method and take a course with a tutor via an online course such as  Rather than a formal course, this gives you the chance to practice conversing with someone.

You can also sign up for Italian online chat services and forums to make friends and chat with them. Many people want to learn English -you can do an exchange with them and you can both learn together.

Live in immersion

You can go about your daily life in the language you are trying to learn. With the internet, you can start by connecting to any new websites you want to look at in the foreign language, and read their information. Keep a bilingual dictionary within arm’s reach to look up the words that you don’t understand. This is a fast way to acquire new vocabulary, all the while doing something interesting.

You can also watch films in the foreign language. At the beginning, watch them with English subtitles, and gradually try to do this less and less. Start with children’s series or animations, as the vocabulary will be simpler.

Another great way of learning is through music. Listening to songs in your target language and reading the lyrics will increase your vocabulary no end, and will help you with replicating the accent.

Learning a foreign language is not just for geniuses, everyone can manage it with the right methods!