Japanese politicians dress up as pregnant women


Japan: one of the most macho countries in the world

Japan has a reputation for being the most patriarchal country in the world. To the extent that a woman with children has very little chance of developing her career, and vice versa. This leads to a high number of women choosing to pursue their careers without having children. In order to address the issue and raise awareness, three male politicians put on pregnancy suits, which they wore for one whole day.

If a woman has children, she is obliged to stay at home

When a woman has children in Japan, the man typically takes on all of the financial responsibility for the household. By contrast, the woman has to take care of all domestic and familial tasks (housework and anything to do with the children’s education). According to the video at the bottom of the article, Japanese men apparently do the least percentage of housework and children’s education in the world.

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The ‘guinea pigs’ that wore pregnancy suits to raise awareness

The video, published by an awareness campaign supposed to boost the Japanese economy, shows a few male ‘guinea pigs’ dressing up as pregnant women for one full day, to try and open up communication about this delicate subject. And the guinea pigs in questions were none other than well known politicians -three governors from the south of the country, from the Saga, Miyazaki and Yamaguchi councils. For the occasion, the trio put on pregnancy outfits, that correspond to the seventh month of pregnancy

I see now how difficult it is to carry a child and to do housework.