Is removing bikini hairs safe for my health?

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The war on pubic hair has lasted too long!

Removing pubic hair by all means possible is today considered as a female norm, However, pubic hair is not there by chance, and to eliminate them would actually be less hygienic. We explain to you why and how.

Pubic hairs a barrier against viruses

Pubic hair acts as a protective shield against bad bacteria. Better, they actually fight against sexually transmitted infections! This finding was made following a study undertaken by the British Medical Journal, which interviewed more than 7,500 Americans about their hair removal practices. The conclusion? Women who remove their pubic hair entirely or partially, are at risk of catching an infection more easily than the others.

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Razors and wax the worst enemies

You will then ask what is the relationship between viruses and lack of hair: it is the micro-cuts that the razor or the wax can leave on the area of the skin that will favor the transmission of an infection during a sexual act. And all this for an aesthetics. One woman even nearly lost her legs and went into a coma after a small razor cut got infected, warning the article is shocking!

Not shaving is better for the health

Do you have trouble believing the fact that waxing would be bad for your health? Rest assured, we have also needed a slight adaptation time! But if the current pubic fashion is at zero hairs, it is far from having always been the case: in the seventies, porn actresses wore it natural. The trend will therefore change again. In addition, the hairs would help us to overcome external aggression’s, to protect our skin from irritations and even to increase our libido! Indeed, they would transmit, by their odor, sexual signals that favors it.

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So to be natural or not to be natural, you choose!!