Incredible makeup gone viral: ice cream makeup!!

Screenshot: Madeyewlook/YouTube

A new type of cone-head!!

As incredible as it seems, ice cream makeup has become a thing! You can’t expect it to stay on very long before melting….. But certain bloggers have tested it out, and at least on paper, the results are very impressive! But you needn’t worry, they didn’t waste one ounce of sorbet, it’s all due exclusively to the work of makeup artists….

Looks good enough to eat

YouTube abounds with tutorials from girls teaching you how to do your own ice cream makeup. Was it a summer heatwave that inspired these over-enthusiastic bloggers? In any case, they are not lacking in inspiration: cones or cups with 2 scoops, toppings, sauces and gourmet flavours -the fashionistas’ faces are sure to catch a chill!

Screenshot: Madeyewlook/YouTube
Screenshot: Beetotheo/YouTube

Save it for Halloween!

Unless you are looking to dethrone Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, save the ice cream makeup for Halloween! Hear the chilling cry: ice SCREAAAAAMMMM!!!