In Japan, a weird temple worships the bra

Credits : Object8000/Instagram

Could the bra have become sacred?

In Japan, an ancient Buddhist temple that has been abandoned for more than 15 years has found itself redecorated with hundreds of bras…..

It’s in Ibaraka, 100 kilometers north east of Tokyo, that we can find this surprising cult location: around 500 bras decorate the ceiling of the abandoned temple, in various colours and models -blue, turquoise, pink, beige, etc. You could be forgiven for thinking that it’s some sort of a male benchmark where the bras are there as macho trophies, but it’s nothing like that -all the bras are completely new, with their labels still attached.

When you look more closely, you will notice that there are also thongs and g-strings hung up, attached together like garlands…. So who had the wacky idea to pay tribute to feminine undergarments? Nobody knows…. The case continues….