I tested it for you : the Beauty Blender

On the topic of makeup a revolutionary product has arrived on the market for make up accessories: the Beauty blender is a makeup sponge which is used to apply one’s foundation , BB  cream or other liquid complexion correctors. Here is a little summary on this small applicator which is very practical and which is a must for all beauty addicts.

What is a  Beauty Blender?

Created by Rea Ann, a famous makeup artist in Hollywood, the Beautyblender is a sponge which is used to apply foundation. It was made in order to have a perfect, light and natural complexion with no blemishes.  It acts as a makeup sponge which is in  the shape of a little egg and is narrower at the top in order to be able to reach small parts of the face such as the contours of the eyes. It is an alternative way to apply one’s foundation to methods such as brushes. Admittedly many women apply their foundation with their fingers and are very content with that method but the benefit of the Beautyblender is that it gives overall finish which is more natural and light whilst covering all blemishes. The skin is smoothed and perfected. The concept of a sponge is that one no longer needs to apply as much foundation and it will last much longer.

Usage tips

  1. You must first moisten the little sponge and then squeeze it. This step is important because water which is retained in the Beautyblender will prevent the sponge from absorbing the product that you have applied on your skin.
  2. Add your foundation in small quantities onto the different parts of your face (forehead, temples, cheeks, nose, chin, neck….)
  3. Delicately apply the foundation by dabbing it with a sponge on the skin. Don’t spread it onto the skin and don’t rub your skin with it as it will not provide a smooth application.
  4. After each utilisation, clean your Beautyblender, for obvious hygiene reasons but also to make it last longer. Certain brands offer a special soap to clean it but an ordinary soap suffices.

Where to find a  Beautyblender

There are several brands which offer Beautyblenders. In general they cost between 2 and 20 euros but it is a good purchase as it lasts long.

The basic Beautyblender is that of the brand the  Beauty Blender. This is the one which I use, it can be found for 16,90 euros from Sephora or on sites such as Amazon. Source : Amazon

The cosmetic brand Kiko has also commercilised its own ‘Make Up Blender’ which is sold for 6,90 euros. It exists in two formats: the classical and the precision, for specific parts of the face.  Source : Kiko

 Yves Rochers brand which is called a  physiognomist sponge is sold for  6,50 euros. Source : Yves Rochers

Other brands such as Mac and H&M offer precise sponges. Those in H&M are sold from  2 euros and those of Mac which are more expensive are sold for about 20 euros.

My verdict

I bought the  Beauty Blender which has the same name in Sephora. Numerous blogs and feedback  strongly advise one to opt for this brand and I was really not dissapointed. I suggest you choose the brand the Beauty blender which is the inventor of these makeup sponges and which  lives up to its reputation.

When I first used it I was a little dissapointed. I didnt really know how this accessory functions. It was my first try. The second time I used it I was convinced; I realised how simple it was to use this product (it is just a simple manipulation to learn and then it becomes easier). As the description of the Beauty Blender states, the benefits of this product are numerous. Firstly I was impressed by the natural finish on my skin. The masklike sensation which is often felt with the application of certain foundations dissapears. The skin is smoother and more uniform, it can be felt and it is apparent. My foundation lasts longer on my skin and  after a busy day it remains intact and in place. What is more my imperfections are well concealed, it is not because one applies less that it covers the skin less. I noticed that it was quicker to apply ones foundation and that my tube went down quickly.

However you must use a fluid foundation or a BB cream which makes it easier to apply with the Beautyblender. You must remember to wash your sponge well after each usage. It will certainly take a bit more time but the application will be better.  One must avoid rubbing the sponge on your face to avoid damaging it after each use. Apart from these several points which seem important I dont see any negative aspects to this accessory.

The Beauty Blender has become a part of my beauty routine; I have used it for several months and I am not dissapointed with it. I have decided to remain faithful to this accessory which has become an indispensable part of my makeup.