I tested it for you : Batiste dry shampoo

Have you grown tired of your fringe turning greasy too quickly? Dry shampoos can come to the rescue! Having been introduced into supermarkets a couple of years ago, these amazing products allow one to have clean hair with just one spray and at the same time give volume to your hair!  We couldn’t risk the Batiste dry shampoo range, a British brand which is becoming increasingly popular. They have great fragrances and colourful packagings!

These bright sprays with their feminine designs contain a miracle ingredient which is rice starch,  which cleans your hair in one spray! Available in ten different bottles with captivating fragrances, these hair products allow you to space out your shampoos without destroying your hair fibres!

How to use a Batiste dry shampoo?

There is nothing more simple : spray a bit of dry shampoo onto your limp fringe, about 30 good centimetres from your head, preferably with your eyes closed. Leave it for several minutes and then get rid of the white powder with a towel by rubbing it as if you want to dry your hair. Remove the surplus with a brush or a comb. That is all there is to it!  You hair will obtain volume and be renewed!


How often to use it ?

You can use your dry shampoo in order to space out your shampooings, two or three times per week, or in order to give a bit of volume to your limp hair!  However don’t abuse it because it may contain too many  solvents which if used too frequently can damage your hair.

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Which dry Batiste shampoo to choose ?

You have a choice! Those which give intense volume, colour touch ups, strength and shine, for blonde hair,  for brunettes, fresh or tropical there is for all tastes! Our favourite ? Cherry dry shampoo with its rich slightly tangy cherry perfume, trendy vintage look and which can be slipped easily into your handbag!

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Can Batiste shampoos replace classical shampoos?

Unfortunately the answer is no! Dry shampoo is there to be used sporadically on days when you dont have the time or the means to wash your hair, or alternatively as a touch up on a bad hair day. It absorbs the sébum, refreshes, adds texture and volume as well as enveloping your hair with a nice floral perfume. It allows one to space out one’s shampoos but not however to replace them!

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Where to find the Batiste products?

You can find your favourite model in most supermarkets and from many retailers (boots, superdrug and so on). These products are also available online (asos…). Depending on the store, you might not find all the smells.

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Here is a little tutorial :

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