“I have nothing left to wear !” 5 tips to help you get inspired

This phrase, you repeat it every morning in front of your wardrobe, and sometimes in the evening when one must dress up in order to go out.  

Lots of girls (and even boys) find theselves unprepared in front of cupboards which stagger under the weightof all the clothes and accessories it supports.

The solution in order to stop thinking about what to wear, is not necessarily to go shopping! Here are 5 more economical solutions which permit to vary the outfits and not always have the impression that one is wearing the same outfts. .

Attempt layering

If you often wear your little black fetish  dress but you are tired of seeing it, wear it for example with a pull over or even a bomber jacket. By changing style you will make the dress less recognisable than when you wear it classically. Try to put together different styles whilst respecting the harmony of colours.

Add accesories

In order to give a bit of renewal to your outfit, there is nothing better than accesories, which will guide the rest of the outfit. If you are going to wear a classical t-shirt, you can wear it with accessories and shoes of a certain colour, and wear them another time with accessories of another colour! Accessorise your outfit each time differently will soon become a game!


Mix your outfits

These shoes go really well with these  jeans. But have you tried them with this skirt? And this jacket?

We sometimes by habit or lack of time, want to wear outfits which we know function, as in the style or in the colour. Therefore we sometimes have the tendance to forget that we can also mix our outfits and find the variants very nice! Here don’t hesitate to do tests and you will realise that your wardrobe still has secrets…


Distract !

Use a jewellered headband for example!


Play with colours

A bit like the same idea to mix the outfits, you can also play with colours and especially in summer.


Source : RougeFramboise