How to wear skinny jeans to suit your shape

Just because they are called “skinny jeans”, don’t be fooled into thinking they are just for skinny women! Skinny jeans suit women of all shapes and sizes -not just the beanpoles! 

Little by little, skinny jeans are becoming a wardrobe staple, and are now a must-have for the fashion conscious! Nothing beats a good pair of skinnies, and they never disappoint. Simple to mix and match, a pair of black or grey skinny jeans will work well with any blouse, cardi or jumper. It’s simply a question of shape!

For a slender silhouette

Skinnies are a type of jeans that are very easy to wear for the slim and svelte. It doesn’t matter what size you wear, if you are generally slender, you can wear any style of skinny jeans. Have fun with colours and patterns. If you are tall, match your skinnies with a pair of ballerina pumps or mocassins. Heels are obviously not banned, but if they are higher than 5cm, you could risk looking like a giraffe. By contrast if you are short, a pair of heals will look sensational -but avoid pointy toes, which lengthen the feet.

For curvy women

If you are lucky enough to have curves, you’ve got to know how to enhance them! Is this the case for you? Don’t hesitate to choose a pair of skinnies! To avoid highlighting love handles, it’s better to choose high-waisted jeans. Low-waisted jeans will do less to enhance your curves. According to the shape of your bum, you can either opt for a pair of jeans with pockets in the centre, or if you have a broader derriere that you’d like to minimise, either jeans with large pockets or with fading around the bum can give the appearance of a flatter, trimmer tusch. Avoid poor quality skinny jeans or jeans with too much elastic. For curvy women, it is best to choose flexible jeans (but not too flexible!) which accommodate your shape without sticking to you. Wear with a pair of high heels that lengthen the silhouette. On the other hand, skinnies with bright colours and patterns could have the reverse effect.

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