How to tell your boss you’re pregnant

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According to the test that you brandished with undisguised joy last weekend, you are 2 weeks pregnant. But don’t go rushing straight to your boss the following Monday to give them the news, you have plenty of time to let them know. Here are a few tips to ensure the conversation goes smoothly.

At how many months should I tell my boss I’m pregnant?

You should tell your boss in person (or in writing if you are shy about it), no later than 15 weeks before your due date. That said, it is probably better to let them know sooner than that so that they will understand if you need time off for appointments, and to give them the time to replace you during your maternity leave. Your doctor will surely advise you to wait twelve weeks before informing people, as the risks of miscarriage are much lower from then onwards.

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How to choose the right moment?

Be patient before announcing to the whole world that you are expecting a baby, and don’t let it be common knowledge among your colleagues before letting your boss know. Because you know very well that rumours spread like wildfire, especially in small organisations. It is better that your employer hears it from you, than from any opportunistic work colleagues, who are only too eager to take your place! Choose a day when your boss seems relaxed and in good form, when they are most likely to be calm and reassuring. You can also do a practice run of the conversation at home in advance, asking the future daddy to practice the inevitable questions with you. As soon as possible, give your boss your dates for going on maternity leave and when you will come back. If you are planning to take additional parental leave, let them know about this too. If you start to feel anxious at the last moment, remind yourself that you are perfectly within your rights and have no reason to feel guilty: an employer knows that this is a high likelihood when they employ young women.

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What to do if your employer reacts badly to the news?

Don’t worry about it. There aren’t many employers who are delighted about it when one of their employees get pregnant! Because it causes them extra hassle. But they should get over it quickly! Of course they understand that you are likely to be less available during your pregnancy, but also afterwards, with your family life and all that goes with it. But you can reassure them about this. However, remember that you don’t need to apologise for your happiness!

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