How to react after a first kiss: 5 tips to avoid stressing

Finally, the first kiss!

After the long awaited first kiss from your date, has it ever happened that you were left reeling, not knowing exactly how to react? Sometimes, silence is golden! Here are a few pieces of advice that will help you simply savour the moment without stressing about what to do or say next.

1/ Take your time and enjoy the moment

The first piece of advice sounds almost too obvious: enjoy the present moment and don’t think too much about what will happen next! Thinking too much can ruin the spontaneity of the moment.

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2/ Speak with your body language

We don’t always know what to say after a first kiss, especially if it was unexpected. And sometimes speaking runs the risk of breaking the magic of the moment. Don’t worry about leaving a gap in conversation, and take advantage of the moment to look your partner in the eyes, stroke his hair, put your arms around him, or why not, even start kissing him again!

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3/ Don’t say something just for the sake of saying it

It is very normal to feel a little awkward after having exchanged saliva for the first time with your prince charming! Don’t try to make jokes or say something to relax the atmosphere -there is a good chance you will say something silly that you might regret!

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4/ Start kissing again

Sometimes, if we feel like starting to kiss again, it’s important not to deny ourselves! Was he the one to make the first move? It’s up to you to make the next one!

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5/ Continue as you were before, regardless of how the kiss went

Don’t be embarrassed to continue with things as they were before you kissed, and keep trying to build your relationship like before, regardless of whether this kiss went great or was a complete disaster! You’ll have plenty of time to improve!

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