How to ‘re-pot’ your lipsticks to save space and apply them more easily

Remove your lipsticks from their containers, and re-pot them like plants!

We often find dozens of lipsticks in our makeup kits that we use only very rarely, which are only taking up space in their transparent tubes. To gain space and to apply them more easily, with a brush, here is  a practical tip to de-pot them with ease! Of course, we are not talking about the designer lipsticks you have paid a fortune for…..

The technique

1/ Disinfect the inside of a small heat-proof/microwavable container with 70% to 90% strength alcohol.

2/ With the aid of a little wooden stick, remove the lipstick from the base and place it into the small container. Remove all the lipstick from the tube.

3/ Once you have extracted all the material from the tube, put the pot in the microwave or on a heat source for a few seconds.

4/ When the material is melted and has an even texture, allow it to cool and close the pot with a lid. You can remove the brand sticker from your lipstick tube and stick it to the bottom of the pot for easy identification later.

5/ Apply your lipstick with a brush, for an impeccable result and loads more space in your makeup bag!

Here is a similar method with a video tutorial: