How to paint a fake tattoo

Taking the plunge in getting yourself a tattoo can be complicated, especially if you’re hesitant on what to get and where. Using make-up you can test ou how you feel having a tattoo by drawing one yourself, that way if you like it then you won’t feel so scared by getting a real one done. If you have super strict parents, you can also give them a scare! It is also great for adding a bit of fun detail to your body for a night out or fancy dress.

You will need:

  • Liquid eyeliner with a thin brush
  • Powder
  • Optional: Eyeshadows to colour in your tattoo or to add shading
  • Optional: A model to draw on if you aren’t doing it to yourself.

How to do it:

1) Find an image of a tattoo you like to copy, pick something not too complicated and that is the same level and your drawing capacity.

2) Using your liner, follow your inspirational image and slowly start drawing on the area of the body you want. Create thicker lines to add depth.

tatouage 1

3) If you want you can add shading to your tattoo by using black eyeshadow. Think about adding little decorative details such as spots, lines etc…

tatouage 2

4) Using a fixing powder when you have finished to prevent smudging and to make the tattoo appear less shiny.

tatouage 3

Educational Video: