How to make your boyfriend a romantic man

If you are one of those whose boyfriend isn’t really gifted with the sweet things, take a look at these 4 pieces of advice to help you to make him more romantic!

1 – Don’t beat around the bush

This is generally a woman thing. Get used to get right to the point when you two are talking to each other. Say what you really want right away. This is the simplest way to get what you want!

2 – Get rid of prejudices

Show him that being romantic is being cool! It can even be classy. Little attentions everyday make a good relationship. But don’t put too much pressure on him either!

3 – Show him how to do it

It’s not only a man’s job to be romantic. Do and give as much as you’d like him to. This will make him want to do the same!

4 – Listen to him

Like in every single relationship, your boyfriend wants to feel important and loved. Don’t try to make him compare himself to your bestfriend’s boyfriend! Nobody needs that.

5 – Make him use his imagination

Just talk about what makes you feel good, about everything! You two are supposed to share what you like. This will give him ideas on how to please you.