How to make a hair bow bun

Why not add a little fun to your top bun, by making a cute bow bun instead?! A hairstyle that is super easy to do and looks really cute. If you haven’t got naturally long hair, clip in some hair extensions for the extra length. Here is a video tutorial so you too can achieve this look:

You will need: 

– Elastic bands that same colour as your hair
– Hair spray
– Hair grips which are the same colour as your hair

How to do it:

1/ Spray your hair back with fixing hairspray

2/ Make a pony tail and the last time your bring your hair through the elastic, leave it hanging into the front.

3/ Take the bun section and fan it out, and make a center section to form a bow

4/ Bring over the end of the ponytail through the centre and fix with grips to secure.

5/ Spray with hair spray to fix

6/ Take your sections of hair bow and fix the base to your head using grips.

10/Spray to fix

Step by step tutorial: