How to lose weight effectively: 8 tips to do so easily

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Have you tried everything, or at least almost everything, in terms of dieting? We bet that you’ve even tried a personal trainer! And if you are someone who thinks they don’t need anyone, remember that an external person, in terms of diet and exercise, can help to motivate you and ensure you don’t lose sight of your goals. Here are a few tips from the Ownsport home-coaching company to help you lose weight effectively.

1/ Ask yourself why you have gained weight

Before starting out on a diet, you need to do a little work on yourself and ask yourself why you gained weight. It is by being conscious of where the additional kilos came from that we can most effectively get rid of them.

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2/ Beware of hidden calories

The calories we call “hidden” are those contained in sauces, bread, alcohol, ready meals, and pastas that cook quickly…. so many foods that we eat daily, never suspecting their high calorific content.

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3/ Match your physical activity to what you eat

Do you exercise only very rarely, use your car every day or work sitting at a desk? These factors contribute daily to weight gain. Therefore it is necessary to do some physical activity and to adapt this in relation to what you eat.

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4/ Make good food choices

Who among us has never been tempted to skip the midday meal, to ban fats completely or to leave the house without eating breakfast? All these bad habits will not make you lose weight -quite the contrary, in fact….. If you don’t know much about food and nutrition, it could be beneficial to seek the advice of a professional.

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5/ Don’t try to lose weight too rapidly

Don’t try to lose five kilos per week, as this is likely to end in failure in the long term. Content yourself with a few grams to start out with, which, over time, will provide more satisfying results.

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6/ Do your own cooking

Decide to get in control of your diet, rather than letting it control you. Avoid buying ready made food for lunch. This type of food is rich in salt, sauces and other additives which significantly increase your calorie intake.

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7/ Check the glycemic index on a product

To quickly understand what the glycemic index is, try to keep the following in mind: when you eat a piece of white bread, for example, the level of glucose in your blood rises rapidly in the following hours, because it has a high glycemic index. Avoid foods with a high glycemic index, because they promote fat storage. Get your carbohydrates in fruit, vegetables, rice or lentils instead.

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8/ Treat yourself

Finally, we can only advise that you treat yourself! Being too strict on yourself is the best way to ensure that you will put all the weight back on afterwards! To lose weight and keep it off, there is no good in depriving yourself of all of life’s little pleasures. If you want a little square of chocolate from time to time, have it! Just don’t overdo it.

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