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How to look beautiful without makeup: 8 tips to help you go without it

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Tips to gain time and money!

Even if we amuse ourselves trying on multiple shades of lipstick, painting ourselves with eye shadow or endlessly thickening our eyelashes, makeup can quickly become an addictive drug that traps us in a vicious circle, in which we lose all our self confidence if we are not wearing it. To remedy this, here are a few practical tips.

1/ Eat healthily for beautiful skin

The most important thing is to eat healthily and naturally: eat mostly fruit and veg, whole grain cereal and unprocessed food (without overdoing it on gluten, which can give the skin a dull appearance).

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2/ Go for a skin care routine that is adapted to your own particular skin type

Your skin is unique -don’t treat it with the same generic products as everyone else. Certain women need to wash their face every day, while others need to do it less. Don’t believe everything you hear from the cosmetic industry with all their false promises: you are the one that knows your skin the best. You can get a dermatological test done to see exactly what skin type you have. Next, consult the internet or other sources for natural skin care techniques to help make the most of your skin. You’ll soon see that you’ll have less and less need for makeup!

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3/ Drink plenty of water

There is nothing better for your skin than to drink regularly throughout the day. Aim for between six and eight glasses minimum per day.

4/ Exercise

It has been proven that sweating makes your skin more soft and beautiful, once it has been cleaned. Get moving!

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5/ Don’t stay up too late

And try to get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep is the best product you’ll ever use!

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6/ Smile!!!

The best makeup is an open, radiant, smiling face! You’ll see, it makes all the difference. Because even makeup won’t mask a sour puss!

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7/ Think positively

Remind yourself that beauty comes from within. Even if in our society there is a huge focus on appearance, a thick layer of foundation isn’t going to make that much of a difference….

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8/ Don’t let others only see you with makeup on

Because they become unused to seeing you in your natural state! Don’t let your nearest and dearest get too used to the ‘perfect’ image of you. Wearing makeup occasionally will then have much more of an effect!

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