How to have sex in long distance relationships: 3 tips to keep up the carnal contact!

Credits: Pexels

Did you meet a tall dark handsome stranger on your holidays in Spain over the summer, and have kept up the contact? Has your holiday fling turned into a real romance, and you’ve decided to try out a long distance relationship? Many couples don’t live under the same roof, and it’s a good way to only show the best parts of yourself! But sometimes, it can be hard to forego sensual pleasures when he is not there. Here are some ways to cross the sexual borders!

1/ Sexting

“Warming up” by text without exactly spelling out what you are hinting at, is one way of building desire and getting to know your partner better, and understanding their sexual preferences, especially if you’re relationship is still in the early stages. The advantage of sexting is that it is easy to tell little white lies to arouse your partner: “I’m not wearing any panties under my satin negligée”, (even if you’re wearing woolly pyjamas) is a sure fire way to get him in the mood! Good news: There are special sexting emojis now available to spice up your texts! Find out more here.

Credits : Pexels

2/ A saucy Skype date

Skype is a great way to stay in “physical” contact with your partner. Free and high speed, it can be used in all four corners of the world. From a flirty chat to a touch of exhibitionism, to mutual masturbation, Skype can help you to come together (pun intended!) in a virtual way! The bonus: you can aim the camera wherever you like… That said, we would advise sticking to verbal flirting rather than visual -your voice and your words can be much more arousing than videos.

Credits : Pexels

3/ Phone sex

If you are both in the Eurozone, surely you have heard that thanks to the new laws ending roaming charges in the EU, you can phone each other from abroad without paying extra. How better to warm up with a few sweet nothings….! Because Skype is all very well and good, but sometimes we do better and find it easier to let go without imagery, because we feel more at ease.

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