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How to correct your dark circles with makeup (for a natural longlasting result)

You have probably realised, dark circles age, harden and darken a face very quickly. Whether it is due to a lack of sleep or hereditary, some people have very marked dark circles. Dark circles can be enhanced by certain makeup applications or by a bad nights sleep. If miraculous remedies don’t exist, corrective makeup  carefully applied can help you.

1) Choose the corrector


Choose a cream corrector slightly darker than your skin. If you have pale skin opt for a light peach tone and if on the otherhand you have a matte skin choose rather an orange tint. If your circles are purple and not blue or brown test the yellow corrector.

2) Apply the corrector which you have chosen

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Heat the matter on the back of the hand with your finger or a brush which you apply the corrector. Lightly apply a bit of the cream uniquely onto the dark circle.

3)Remove the oily  matter

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Sometimes the products applied beneath the eye create a cluster in the fold which is not very elegant  In order to avoid this happening double a tissue and apply it beneath your eye so that the oil can be absorbed.

4) Apply the foundation

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Unnecessary to apply it directly to the dark circle, use what there is on the brush.

5) Optional: The colour corrector in order to illuminate.

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If you still have peach tones due to the corrector which you applied previously you can add a thin layer of concealer the colour of your skin or lighter if you would like to illuminate it. It is pointless to use a tone which is too light as it can make you look like an owl! Dont put too much as it will show and look unnatural as well as make your eye tired.

6) Powder

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With half a tissue remove the excess oil underneath the eye and powder it in order to not remove the corrector placed underneath.

The explanatory video :