How to choose the tattoo that suits you best

Credits: Pexels

Deciding to get a tattoo can be one of the toughest decisions you’ll ever have to make! It’s highly personal, in the sense that nobody can make your choice for you -it’s all on you!  A tattoo by its nature is something that lasts. Once you’ve made your choice, there’s no going back, and the tattoo should be exactly what you want. Tattoos often represent something special in your life, and have a personal design that is meaningful to you. The huge choice of  tattoos available can be overwhelming, but you can make the best choice for yourself by thinking carefully about your own priorities. Tattoos are almost like a second skin, and can really help you express who you are and what you have lived through.

Follow a trend or decide for yourself?

In the world of tattoos, there are trends and fashions, but there are also classical styles. The typical classic style tattoo -also called Americana style- contains coloured images with strong significance, such as skulls, often merged with roses. These elements create a sense of mystery in the tattoos, and they are symbols that can be interpreted in various ways: signs of strength, symbols of the supremacy of man over nature, or vehicles to convey your own personal emotions and meanings. This year sees the return of this kind of tattoo. If you have any doubts about your first tattoo, feel free to ask the help of your tattoo artist. For example, pay a visit to The Black Hat Tattoo team in Dublin if you need any advice or information.

The colour

One of the first factors to consider when you are planning to get a tattoo is the color -are you going monochrome or multi-colour? Tattoos can be made up of various shades of black, grey and white (white sometimes giving the tattoo the appearance of a scar). There is also a wide array of bright colours to choose from. Your choice will also be guided by whether you plan to show off your tattoo to other people, or whether you are getting it just for yourself.

The shape and form

There is a huge variety of shapes and forms to choose from. You have tattoos that are really similar to paintings, you have iconic images or even simple designs. You may like to go for a tattoo that ‘adapts’ to your own body, following your own shape and form. For example, certain tattoos following  the line and shape of your shoulders can convey strength. You can also use a tattoo to highlight a line or curve in your body that you particularly like.

New techniques in tattooing

There is a new type of tattooing technique now available called biosensing. This technique involves matching the colour of the tattoo to the person’s blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels change, the tattoo changes colour. Such tattoos have been used to monitor people’s pH and sodium  levels. They have also been tested by researchers at Harvard and MIT. Tattoos can also be designed to cover physical defects, such as scars or birth marks.

Choosing your tattoo artist

When choosing a tattoo artist, you should first consider their personal style. Try to find someone whose style matches what you are looking for, as this will lead to optimal results. Asking around for advice can be helpful, but it is important that you yourself are happy that you have found the right tattoo artist for you. In fact, it can often be the case that the tattoo artist doesn’t like the idea you suggest, or the design you have made. Talk it out between you!

Celebrity tattoos

Take inspiration from celebrities (who often publish their tattoos on Instagram) but do not limit yourself to exact copies. It doesn’t’ really matter what Chloe Moretz, Bella Hadid or Ed Westwick wants on their bodies, you are the one who is going to live with the tattoo, and it’s essential that you choose something that really reflects your own personality!