How to best conserve one’s beauty products?

Your cosmetics are important to you and given the price of them, you want to conserve them the best way possible in order to make use of them. Thanks to these tips coming straight from the beauty redaction team Madmoizelle, you can find solutions in order to take care of and conserve your products well.

A bit of general knowledge …

The majority of beauty products are composed of water (a lot of water).  Where there is water there is a risk of a proliferation of micro organisms such as bacteria and mould.  In order to avoid this, the manufacturers add preservatives into the products ( parabens are the most well known)


Traditional cosmetic products which destroy the micro organisms can be agressive for the skin, even dangerous for one’s health if the dosage is not well respected.

Concerning organic cosmetics, synthetic preservatives are prohibited. Therefore  antimicrobials  such as sorbic acid and salicyclic acid ,which are already present in nature, are used.

However if biology is not one of your strengths, remember that in order to avoid risks of contaminations, certain brands develop formulas without water (called anhydrous) which do not need preservatives but simply an antioxydant which prevents the product from getting contaminated.

How to best conserve one’s beauty products ?

– The storage

You may have bought an array of products which are trendy (and not cheap) and you want to display them to your friends.  This is a bad idea! Cosmetics conserve a lot less well and decompose more quickly when directly exposed to the sun  (in your bedroom), humidity (in the bathroom) and to differing temperature ranges. It is therefore preferable to stock your products in a dry area which is away from the light.

– The utilisation

After each utilisation, it is indispensable that you close your products. With less contact with air, they will conserve better.

– The expiry date

Even if you love your cream and it cost you a fortune you must pay attention to it’s expiry date. How to know when it expires?

First of all look at the back of your beauty products (cream, blush, shampoo): you will find a letter M and a number in an open pot symbol. It refers to the number of months during which you can use your product until it expires after having been opened.This doesn’t mean that if you pass the expiry date you will find your face covered in a rash,  however the manufacturers simply alert you of the fact that if anything happens past this date, it is no longer their responsability. A small tip is to note on the bottles of your products when you opened them in order to know when is best to throw them away.



You can also use your intuition. If you are used to using a product, you will notice if the odour or the texture has changed. If that is the case throw them away immediately.

In general, it is preferable to change one’s mascara every 3 months, throw away one’s moisturizer and liquid foundation after a year, and to throw away one’s red lipsticks, powders and nail varnish after two years. For shampoo and other styling products you can wait for up to three years before throwing them away.

Source : madmoizelle