How often should you have sex to keep your relationship alive?


In our teenage years, it’s an obsession, in our twenties, we are always looking for more, in our thirties, we calm down a little, and in our forties, we can sometimes get lazy about it! Sexual relations can be a touchy subject in many couples that have been together for a long time. But there is nothing unusual about that! When routine sets in and we start to make the effort less often, it becomes increasingly difficult to get motivated about sex. The less you have, the less you want…. But did you know that sex unconsciously affects your love life?

The more we make love, the more love we feel

Did you know that sex can strengthen the bonds within a happy couple? The more we make love, the more we feel emotionally attached to our partner. What’s more, couples who get stuck in a sexless rut, as well as noticing a drop in their sex drives, also feel a little less loving towards one another. On the contrary, after having made love, the brain unconsciously strengthens the links between two people. Magic, right? You know what you have to do….

How many times a week should you make love to keep the spark alive?

Tracy Cox, a relationship expert and writer for the Daily Mail claims that the average frequency of sex in well established couples is closer to five times a month than five times a week. Couples under the age of 25, or people who have just gotten together, tend to have sex more often, although this gradually becomes less and less over the years. That said, the frequency of sex is not the only important criteria in terms of measuring a couple’s compatibility or happiness.

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