How do tattoos change during pregnancy? And do they pose a risk for your baby?

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Do you already have a tattoo, and have recently fallen pregnant? Or are you already 6 months pregnant, and have decided you would really like to mark the moment in permanent ink? Or are you just curious to know what happens when someone with tattoos gets pregnant, whether the designs get deformed as the bump grows? Here are a few answers to such questions which might surprise you. So, do tattoos and pregnancy make a good mix?

The baby could feel the pain of the needle

Regardless of your stage of pregnancy, it is strongly advised that you do not get a tattoo. Why? The fear of the needle and the pain caused during tattooing could be felt by your baby. The same goes for dentist appointments, which several professionals advise against during pregnancy. What’s  more, while you are pregnant, your immune system is weaker, and you have a higher risk of contracting fungal or bacterial infections. Wait until you have given birth.

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Will my existing tattoo get deformed during pregnancy?

Maybe you have tattooed a little flower between your breasts, or an anchor at the base of your stomach, and you are getting worried about what it’s going to look like in a few months…. Can an existing tattoo become deformed during pregnancy? The answer is yes! Over the 9 months, your body changes, stretches and is constantly changing, and your tattoo is likely to do the same. Even if the tattoo was done carefully, it could change completely, especially if it is on your stomach, but also on your hips, thighs, bum or chest -areas in which we commonly gain weight during the nine months. If you have a tattoo on your stomach, moisturise the area very well with oil or creams.

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Does my tattoo pose any risk for the baby if I am breastfeeding?

Fortunately, tattoos and breastfeeding are not incompatible. Breast milk cannot be altered by the ink that was injected. That said, if the tattoo was not carefully done (due to poor hygiene, unsterilised needles, etc.), you may have contracted a virus such as hepatitis, which can be transmitted to your baby via breast milk. In any case, whether you are pregnant or not, it is important to remember that getting a tattoo is not without risks, as the industrial inks contain harmful chemicals, which get into your bloodstream.

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