How best to choose a dressing table

Credits : Songmics®

The dressing table is a key piece in a woman’s bedroom: it’s practical for organising your things, and ideal for getting ready in the morning -it has all you need in a piece of furniture. However, when buying one, you have to choose wisely! In fact, there are many different styles available, and there is something to match every room and to match everyone’s tastes. Enjoy browsing! 

How do I choose a dressing table?

Before making a purchase, first of all it is important to evaluate your needs, in terms of how you are going to use it in your day to day life. Firstly in terms of space: in fact, if you want to buy a dressing table, but the room you want to put it in is very small, go for a style that is simple and effective, that will fulfill all the functions without taking up too much space.

Many women want to have a dressing table mainly for doing their hair and makeup in the mornings. You should therefore take into account the drawers and organisers it has, to make sure you have enough space for all of your accessories. It is equally possible to use a dressing table for storing underwear, for example. In this case, you need a fairly large model with roomy drawers.

Finally, it is also possible that you want a dressing table to decorate a room. In this case, the design is very important, and should correspond with the decor in the room in which the dressing table will go.

A few factors to consider

If you want a dressing table that will allow you to do your hair and makeup, go for one that has a mirror, so that you have everything within arm’s reach. Be careful with your choice of mirror: you need to choose one that is big enough to see your entire face.

Sometimes, a seat comes with a dressing table, and this could be ideal if you want matching designs on the two pieces of furniture. If not, choose a seat that matches your needs and your tastes in terms of decoration. It is also possible to find adjustable seats, to ensure they are neither too high nor too low. However, if you want to buy a seat separately to your dressing table, check beforehand that they will go well together.

Whatever the case, whatever your styles and your expectations, you are sure to find the dressing table of your dreams!