Harassment in the street: hidden cameras show how witnesses react to sexist remarks

Screenshot: YouTube / Would You React

Harassment in the street happens every day

Have you ever been the victim of sexist remarks when you were walking through the streets in a skirt, a dress or a pair of shorts? We have all noticed men’s gazes directed towards our miniskirts, and in one way, it’s hard to blame them for admiring us! On the other hand, sexist remarks are never acceptable.

A hidden camera showed how witnesses reacted to verbal harassment of women

A hidden camera was put in place by the Belgian group Would You React?, who carried out an experiment in the streets to show how people react when a woman is subjected to degrading and repugnant remarks such as: “When you’re dressed like that, it’s no wonder you get raped.”

The situation is always the same: in a shopping centre in Brussels, two men are going up the escalator. In front of them is an attractive young woman, who is an accomplice in the experiment. As they go up, the two men start accosting her, with remarks such as: “Look at that b*tch, what a whore”, “Are you not afraid of being raped, dressed like that?” or “Can I take a selfie with your p*ssy?”


The onlookers stay silent

But how did the onlookers react to this verbal harassment? The reactions were almost non-existent. The witnesses ignored what was going on, or in the worst cases, quickly walked away. Afterwards, when they were interviewed, the majority of the onlookers claimed that they were afraid to act in case they would make a delicate situation worse.

Source: Would You React?