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Hair dryer broken? Use the vacuum cleaner instead!


Vacuum cleaner to the rescue for hair emergencies!

You don’t have a hair dryer to hand, and you don’t want to catch cold going to sleep with wet hair… No need to panic, it seems the vacuum cleaner can save the day! Practical if you’re not at home, because although you may not think so, it’s often easier to find a vacuum cleaner in the presses than a hair dryer! Here’s what you need to do.

1/ Forget about the hose of the hoover and put it aside


2/ Place the actual machine on a chair and switch it on


3/ Sit on the floor so that your hair is in front of the vent


4/ Run your hands through your hair so that it dries more quickly

As a bonus, you can do your makeup at the same time, or attend to other tasks while the vacuum cleaner takes care of your hair! A luxury you don’t have with a regular hair dryer!


5/ A clean and effective result

100 % guaranteed odour free! Of course, this is really only for emergency use, when you don’t have a hairdryer to hand. As long as you don’t get addicted….

Watch how it works on video: