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Best and worst sleeping positions for couples

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There is a right way and a wrong way to do things!!

Sleeping snuggled up to your partner is one of life’s great pleasures… But with time, the space between you can get wider, and we don’t always want to sleep in an intertwined embrace…. And that’s easily understood! Good sleep is vital for your health, and a good night’s rest does the world of good. Learn the best sleeping positions to share with your other half to sleep happily ever after!

1/ The Spoon vs The Medusa

Spooning is a well known sleeping position (and it’s not just for sleeping either, if you know what we mean…). But for getting forty winks, it is important to be comfortable, even when we stay intertwined. If you or your prince charming have long hair, be sure not to suffocate each other!

2/ The Cold Fusion VS The Boa Constrictor

For sure, how we cuddle up at night needs a few rules and regulations! If you are the snuggling kind, it’s best done as close as possible, so as not to be smothered by a wayward arm!


3/ The Barely There VS The Fugitive

There’s no shame in wanting a bit of space from time to time. It can be better to be too far away than too close, even if one person is taking up the whole bed….. A bit of independence goes a long way!


4/ The Triangle Offense VS The Furry Barnacle

If you have a four legged friend who loves to cuddle up to you at night, don’t let them get into bad habits, leading to restless nights for everyone! Keep them near your feet, or between the two of you, in the middle.


5/ Sleeping as a couple with a baby

Be careful, a baby in your bedroom can cause a lot of commotion! Try to respect your and your partner’s sleep and don’t get into the bad habit of letting them crawl into your bed too often…..