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Go back to doing sport: 7 essential tips to getting back into fitness

Do you wish to do more sport  but aren’t sure where to start? In this article we are going to give you 7 tips which will help you to go back to doing sport, by trying to help you find what motivates you the most and which will make you advance more quickly.

Fix an objective…. and develop it!

In order to motivate yourself, you must find an objective to attain in the long term, or in the beginning for each session. This can be the number of abdominal exercises or squats, the number of kilo weights to wear against your legs or even the amount of kilos to lose.

Be careful of using a scale when it comes to weight loss. Muscle and fat don’t take the sameplace in your body. If you have the impression that you have lost weight but the scale proves the contrary, it is because you gained muscle, so it is good news! Be careful of the scale and its readings. Rather eat well and balanced meals.

Another important advice: if you set an objective, do it reasonably. Don’t give yourself an unacheivable objective,it will demotivate you. Go ahead  and once you have obtained the objective, develop it.

Inspire yourself without comparing yourself

With social networks, what is better than to find motivation with photos on Instagram or Facebook pages? You can follow the profiles of people who do fitness or who give athletic or nutrional advice. This can motivate you and allow you to do these exercises correctly.

But be careful, don’t compare yourself to others! Everyone has a different morphology and a different training, so if the objective reached is longer for you, it is not serious, everyone goes at their own rhythm.

Be at ease in your outfit

Feeling at ease and comfortable in your outfit, is essential for doing sport. No tight clothes, no material which makes you sweat without allowing your skin to breathe….You must wear light and stetchy materials. Leggings, tank tops, sports bra……. A good reason to go shopping!

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Visualise your progress

If you do sport regularly, you will undoubtedly progress. In order to know how and at what speed, try to visualise your progress, notably with applications such as Runtastics. The number of kilometres run, the number of calories lost….. everything will be shown and you can compare your sessions.

If you are more into body building than cardio, you can take a little notebook and note it as your progress : the exercise done, the duration, the difficulties which you felt, the muscle soreness which you felt the next day….

Train with a friend

If for you, doing sport is better in a group, don’t hesitate to motivate one of your friends so that you do it together. Progress together and train yourselves …You will soon not be able to miss a session!

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Prepare your belongings the day before

If you prepare your sports bag the night before  and you place your bag in the entrance hall, you will  mentally prepare yourself to get into the habit of doing sport. You will also not have the excuse of saying ‘I dont feel like going tonight and my bag is not packed’….

Take photos of your progress

Photos are ideal ways to keep track of your progress!

Every week, choose a specific time (Monday morning at 7h on an empty stomach) in order to take a photo. You will soon recognise the evolution apear directly on your body. Even if you are used to being hard on yourself, photos dont lie!

Be careful not to get obsessed by the photos, the results are not always immediately visible and one may have to wait 3 or 4 weeks in order to see the difference.

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