Glitter capsules for your vagina: worrying new craze in the US

A strange and dangerous habit that is only beginning

Adorning your vagina with glitter -what an aberration of nature! Especially when this part of the anatomy isn’t exactly on display for all to see… So then why has this new phenomenon become such a trend, at least in the United States? We’re back to the idea of vajazzles, but this new trend goes further still.

Glitter capsules, inserted before having sex

This wacky trend was born on the internet, intended to bring a bit of fun to our sex lives. How? Insert capsules that contain edible glitter one hour before having sex. We owe this ‘magic’ product to the company Pretty Woman Inc, who promise a more magical, enchanting, fairy-tale sex life. We are willing to bet that an infection will bring the enchantment to an abrupt halt……

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The capsules make contact with mucous membranes to release a glittery liquid, tasting of sweets

In making contact with the heat of the vagina, the capsule coating starts to dissolve, releasing a scented glittery liquid that mixes with natural secretions. (And which tastes of sweets!) The goal? We’re finding it difficult to understand. Perhaps the synthetic perfume masks natural odours, which are sometimes considered embarrassing? Again, it’s difficult to see the logic…

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A dangerous phenomenon that is worrying gynecologists

According to experts, these capsules are dangerous to the health of your intimate parts, as they expose this delicate area to risks of allergy, infection, irritation, or even worse. Although the company claim that the capsules are made from natural substances (e.g., corn starch, acacia powder), they also contain sugar and synthetic perfumes, which can alter the functioning of the vagina and kill the good bacteria that play a protective role. The main point of this story is however, that despite expert warnings about the product from gynecologists, the capsules are currently sold out and there are already 7,000 girls on the waiting list. Just how far will fashion go??

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