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Giving volume to fine hair: advice and inspiration

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Having fine hair is not a fatality! Even if we dream of having beautiful smooth and thick hair, one must accept one’s hair and rather play with hairstyles to give an illusion of having thick hair.There are also other tips and techniques to avoid fine hair which is too limp. 

What not to do when one has fine hair

When one has fine hair, one cannot permit all types of haircuts and styles. One must find a way to avoid flattening or making one’s hair heavy with a lack of volume.

— No long hair

The longer one’s hair, the heavier it is. And the heavier it is, the more it gives a flat effect. Generally girls with fine hair already have straight hair so it is pointless to accentuate the effect.

— No tapered hair cuts

Tapered hair cuts make one’s hair appear finer in certain areas. If you want gain thickness don’t remove it. Forget the idea of thinning the ends as it will only make you lose volume form your hair.

—No ultra straight blow dry

If you already have naturally flat hair, there is no point in straightening it. This technique will remove all the thickness from your hair.

Things to do when one has fine hair

Luckily several hair cuts exist which are capable of creating volume! So in order to gain volume and to give matter to your mane, here are several haircuts to focus on.

—The layered cut

If you don’t want to have short hair, opt for a mid length cut and layer in this case the tips. It will give your hair a bit of life and make it appear more voluminous.


– The structured bob

Fine hair must be cut in a structured manner. In this case why not consider a plungeing bob or a strict bob.


– The pixie cut

This short hairstyle is ideal for giving matter to flat hair. The best is to play with a big strand which covers your forehead with a wavy movement.


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