Girls showed an eyelash curler to guys and asked them what it was: their responses are hilarious!

Credits : Anaelle Rsn/YouTube

The eyelash curler: apparently an instrument of torture!

Our beauty devices are far from easy to understand! At first glance, the eyelash curler is anything but a makeup tool. This is what gave us the idea: ask our readers to provide the interpretations of their guys/fathers/brothers as to what this mystery object was for. Here are the funniest responses.

Credits : Peggy Sage/Spartoo

A thing that lets you keep the eye open during a surgical intervention.

Something to curl your hair.

The thing for getting babies out. (A forceps.)

For making potato crisps into the right shape.

But that’s a tool for the dentist? What is it? It looks like an instrument of torture.

A tongs for picking up toast.

A tool you use in a smear test.

An umbilical cord clamp.

A sausage tongs.

For putting on false lashes.

A Chinese brain teaser.

A surgical instrument.

A grabber for getting babies out.

It wouldn’t be a tool for a dentist or a surgeon?

A  parsley cutter.

I know what it is but I prefer this version: a forceps for childbirth.

A clamp to dismantle a part of a tattoo machine.

A pair of scissors for cutting cakes or vegetables.

For cutting your eyelashes -we have the same thing in our house.

A speculum.

An instrument of torture from ancient times.

A thing the gynaecologist has for pulling out your tongue.

A device for straightening your eyelashes.

A moustache remover.

A device that hides its true form.

A thing for opening bottles.

It’s to twist your eyelashes.

A castration clamp.

An eyelash scissors.

A mouth opener.

A nutcracker.