Girls showed a beauty blender to guys and asked them what they thought it was: here are the funniest responses!

The beauty blender, a sponge like no other that could cause confusion!

The contents of our makeup kit aren’t always easy to interpret! At first glance, the beauty blender is anything but a makeup sponge! This is what gave us the idea: ask our readers to show it to the men in their lives and ask them what they thought this mystery object could be. Here are the funniest responses we received.

Credits : Beauty Blender

A flamingo egg

A princess’s tear

It’s for a guitar -ummm, I can’t remember what it’s called but its to give a sharper sound

A remote control sex toy

A strawberry suppository

A pumice stone disguised as something else

It’s clear that it’s not a sex toy, the material is too spongey

A toy for a cat

The GPS arrow in pink

A vegetable that you put in couscous, just a different colour

An anal plug

Ear plugs

A drop of pink water

A sweet potato

An egg with a sock on

A vibrating egg

It’s a makeup thing, I’ve seen it before

A tampon

A panty liner

A rose petal

What is this fricking thing? A ball?

A shit sponge

Something you put in your vagina

The nose of a soft toy

A sponge contraceptive

A nose or a nail

The breast cancer symbol

A speaker for listening to music

Something for periods

An egg with carpet

It’s a sponge that’s all I know! You have one in the bathroom!

A mini pouffe

A ball of wool

A device for cleaning your lady parts

A pill

It’s a Beauty Blender don’t you know, which helps you apply foundation. Okay I looked it up on the internet!

A thing for taking off makeup

A testicle protector

A melted strawberry sweet

A sponge for doing your nails

A cushion

A plectrum for playing the guitar

An egg wrapped in wool

A sweet

An egg timer

A whiskey nose