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For a cleaner, healthier kitchen, cook your food in the dishwasher!

Screenshot: Pop Sugar Food/YouTube

An unusual cooking technique

Yes, you have read correctly: we are suggesting that you cook your meals in the dishwasher! This brings a whole new meaning to ‘clean eating’….. This new tried and tested trend can save you time and money: at the same time as washing your dishes, you can cook your salmon! Try it if you dare.

Steam cooking with a taste like you’ve never experienced

See your dishwasher as your new pressure cooker: an even gentler steam cooker, which protects food and infuses it with even more flavour! Put the food you want to cook into a completely air-tight glass jar, and place it on the upper rack of your dish washer, with your dirty dishes. Run the dishwasher on its normal cycle. At the end, the contents of your jar will be perfectly and evenly cooked, with no possibility of getting it wrong!

Screenshot: Pop Sugar Food/YouTube

A healthier method of cooking, with no cooking odours

With this revolutionary technique, avoid getting your kitchen all steamy and smelly! This could be especially interesting for people who love to cook fish or other foods with strong odours. And say goodbye to grease stains on the walls!

Screenshot: Pop Sugar Food/YouTube

Save water and energy

This technique has more than one trick up its sleeve: as well as avoiding cooking odours, it also allows you to make great savings in terms of water and energy. Because you are killing two birds with one stone! Firstly, you clean the dirty dishes, and secondly, you cook your food, which means you use less additional water and electricity (when you fill a pot and heat it, for example).

Screenshot: Pop Sugar Food/YouTube

A technique that will gain you considerable time

With this easy style of cooking, you will see meal preparation very differently: no more pots to wash, and especially, a great freedom: while the jars are calmly cooking your meal along with doing your dishes, you’re free to spend your time as you wish!

Watch this video showing how to cook salmon in the dishwasher:

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