Flex, the tampon that can stay in place during sex

Screenshot: The Flex Company

It’s always the same question: whether or not to keep your tampon in during sex! It’s true that having sex with a tampon inserted can hurt at times. Not to mention the hours spent searching for it afterwards! But these problems could soon be a distant memory when you discover Flex Menstrual Disc, the tampon that is designed to stay in place during sex. You don’t believe it? Read on!

Many is the woman who would like a roll between the sheets with her lover during her period (studies tend to show that women’s sex drive is higher during this time) but they are put off by the idea of stained sheets, of becoming dirty or of leaving blood on their partner’s tumescent member… Created by two ingenious Americans, Flex promises a solution to such dilemmas, allowing us to make love without having to remove our protection….


Flex, an improved cup

Flex is used almost like a menstrual cup: it is placed over the cervix, which allows for penetrative sex. In the shape of a circle, this mini-disc is protected by a film made from rubber and hypoallergenic latex. The company behind the product promises that the Flex tampon can be left in place for 12 hours, which is two to three times longer than a normal tampon, and even a little longer than a menstrual cup. How better to enjoy a lie in on a Sunday morning!


Unnoticeable by your partner

According to the president of the company, the insert is undetectable by the man during penetration, as long as it is correctly placed over the cervix. One negative point however, is that Flex is disposable and non-recyclable… The menstrual cup is a step ahead in this matter… In any case, it’s worth a shot!