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Find the best shade of lipstick for your skin

Find the lipstick that will best suit your skin tone

If you have given in to temptation, and bought 100 different shades of lipstick, we’re sorry to inform you that all of them are not necessarily going to suit you! Ideally, you need to match the colour and texture of your lipstick with your skin tone. Here is some advice to personalise your look, and give you the perfect pout!

1/ For pale skin

Is your skin pale without being too white? Rest assured, any lipstick will work for you. You can even experiment with shades of pink: pale pink, fuschia, cherry pink or strawberry.

Your best friend: a deep red that brightens the complexion

Your worst enemy : beige and nude shades that could give you a tired appearance

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2/ Very white or porcelain skin

Are you a redhead or pale blonde, with milky white skin? You can also wear all types of lipstick, choosing lighter shades. A shiny lip gloss can also do the trick.

Your best friend: bright reds or orange, always in light shades

Your worst enemy : very strong shades

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3/ Olive skin

Is your skin sallow and golden all year round? The cause of envy of those of us who lose our tan the minute we come out of the sunshine! Bright, flashy colours will work for you, but also shades like coral or fireman red. Nude shades will work wonders for you.

Your best friend: a red colour, without being too dark. Nude shades and shiny glosses.

Your worst enemy : cherry pink, purple, and matte shades that could dullen your features

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4/ Black or caramel skin

All shades of lipstick work wonders on caramel skin. For darker skin, flashy colours work a treat.

Your best friend : bright matte red

Your worst enemy : pastel shades

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