Festival survival kit: The essentials you need!

Credit: Flickr Paul Townsend
Credit: Flickr Paul Townsend

Don’t forget the essentials!

Festival season has arrived, get your tent and wellies ready! Yet you need more than that to be safe, clean and have fun when you go to a festival especially ones that last a few days. A few of our tips on how to stay safe on a night out are also relevant when at a festival, check out our recent article.

We have for you a guide on what you need for a stress free weekend this festival season!

1/ Double check

Make sure you write a list, tick it off and then unpack you bag to check it is all in there. Then repack you bag and you are ready to go! Make sure you have the 3 main things: Money, festival ticket, ID, directions and a pre-printed festival map/ set list.

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2/ Camping Basic Checklist

Depending on whether you want to experience “glamping” where you start turning up at a festival with chairs, blow up matresses, real bbqs and a mini kitchen, there are only a few items you need to be comfortable:

  • A tent- purchase one that is the correct size for the number of people sharing. Consider once it is put up to add a flag or glow in the dark stickers so that you can easily locate it in the middle of the night
  • A torch- to easily find your way back to you tent in the middle of the night after a toilet trip. Check the batteries are new or fully charged before you head out of your front door!
  • A sleeping bag- Sadly if your festival is based in the UK, unlikely that the weather will be hot all night. Always best to be snug.
  • A folding chair or blankets- perfect for around the campfire to cosy up and stay warm
  • Floor mat- your back will thank you afterwards
  • Mini pillow- your neck will thank you afterwards too!
  • Ear plugs- if you decide to head to bed not everyone around you will have the same idea. Ear plugs will muffle out the noises from the music and fun loving festival goers who are dancing around your tent
  • A bin bag- It is nicer for the environment if you kept your trash in a bag to dispose off at a main bin. Especially if you are camping for a few nights and any food starts to smell
  • Snacks- food is always a bit pricey at festivals so having a few basic snacks and water bottles will help bring costs down
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3/ Clothing essentials

The British weather is notoriously unpredictable, therefore it is best you are prepared for all weathers. It could be an extreme rain storm or heatwave during the festival and often sometimes it has been a mixture of both! Make sure you turn up prepared, having checked the weather forecast before you leave home:

  • Waterproof jacket or poncho
  • Hoodie
  • Quick drying trousers- don’t choose denim it is hot in warm weathers and takes forever to dry in wet weather
  • Comfortable shoes- think walking trainers or boots. Best to leave the flipflops at home as your feet will get dirty and trampled on
  • Wellies- No matter the weather water from drinks and games get on the ground and can turn the fields into a mud bath. Always handy to have a cheap pair in your bag
  • Hat- When it is sunny you will be pleased to have something protecting your head.
  • Spare socks and knickers- if they get wet you will be grateful that you have a spare pair in the tent

4/ Safety Needs

Staying safe and healthy at a festival is important and there are a few things you should have with you:

  • Eye drops: your eyes could get dry and irritated by dust flying in the air. A few drops will relieve tired and sore eyes.
  • Personal medications: if you have any, don’t forget to bring them
  • A basic first aid kit: blisters would be a shame to experience
  • Sun cream
  • Antibacterial wash: To keep you clean after a dash to the horrible loos
  • Toilet Roll: In case there is none left
  • Fully charged phone and portable charger: Turn off notifications so that your phone doesn’t use up battery
  • Wet wipes: To give yourself a clean
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Sledge/ Trolley: to transport your items easily from the car park to your pitch
  • Toothbrush and deodorant

Happy festival!!