Female ejaculation: A taboo phenomenon that leads to more intense climax!

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Female ejaculation -a mysterious phenomenon

Have you heard much about female ejaculation? Or, in less polite terms, “squirting”? If this last term is a bit on the vulgar side, it has the sole advantage of creating a vivid image of this physical manifestation, which is not uncommon. Let’s remove the veil of secrecy from this taboo subject.

Female ejaculation, long the reserve of porn movies

Female ejaculation has long been the reserve of bad porn movies, which exploited this intimate phenomenon to arouse male viewers, depicting feminine pleasure in surreal spurts. But recent scientific advances have proved that the phenomenon, far from being an exception, is part of everyday life for many women, who unfortunately are sometimes ashamed of it.

How does it happen?

In the throes of pleasure, it is common to become somewhat wet. For certain women, when the G-spot is stimulated in a pleasurable way, they emit a tiny quantity of liquid, up to 150 ml. This pleasure liquid is released from from the Skene’s gland near the base of the urethra.

How does ejaculation feel?

In concrete terms, it feels like a strong sensation of having to pee at the moment of orgasm. Certain women who experience it report feeling a much more intense climax than usual when this happens.

How do you manage to ejaculate?

According to studies on the subject, all women are more or less capable of ejaculating, with sufficiently intense vaginal stimulation. For those hungry for new sexual experiences, you need to be ready to really let go and fully trust your partner.

Credits : Pixabay