Facebook has a problem with bras!

Credits : Berlei Australia

The blue giant seems to have overly sensitive eyes: in terms of nudity, it lets nothing pass. This of course is a good thing, to a certain degree. But sometimes, outside of pornography, obviously, they seem to be going too far with their precautions: recently, an ad for a bra company was blocked as soon as it was published. And this isn’t the first time such a thing has happened.

Zero Tolerance

The best known social networks impose strict conditions on their users. An offensive word, an image with too few clothes, and boom! their account is blocked. This is what happened to a fairly well known Australian lingerie company recently on their Facebook page. Without the slightest apparent reason, Facebook deleted a bra ad the minute it was published.

A fun ad, with no inappropriate content

The hallmark of Berlei Australia is to use diverse models of all shapes and sizes. To promote the brand, the company regularly releases publicity campaigns on social networks, showing video clips. For the last one, they decided to publish a funny video, showing several women struggling to put on or take off their bras. Next, their faces light up and they appear relieved, with a big smile on their faces. And why? They have tried out a Berlei bra. A part from a little flesh being shown (which is even blurry), the Australian brand had been careful to scrupulously follow the advertising guidelines. We are finding it hard to see what the problem was…

Credits : Berlei Australia

Just one example among many

The affair rapidly gained speed, and the CEO of the lingerie company, who couldn’t understand the problem, decided to contact Facebook directly to demand an explanation. The response? The moderators automatically screen certain images of women’s chests if the images feature a nipple. Despite numerous arguments from the CEO, Facebook would not budge. A decision that was badly received by internet users, who were horrified by such extreme measures. But this is far from an isolated incident, and millions of photos and videos are censored by Facebook every second, however non-sexual they may be…