Eye tattoos: a dangerous new practice that is getting more popular

Credits: Pexels

Tattooing the whites of your eyes? Seems a bit gory to us! Just thinking about it has us flinching… However, some women don’t seem put off by the idea… But why are they doing it? Let’s have a closer look at this dangerous fashion, that doesn’t come without risks for your eyes.

Catt Gallinger is a young Canadian model who tried it out. Nowadays, she deeply regrets having had it done, and is very sorry that she didn’t inform herself better beforehand. Because she is now at risk of losing the sight in her right eye.

Credits: Pexels

A dangerous fashion consisting of tattooing the white of the eye

Tattooing the eyeball is a procedure that consists of tattooing the white of the eye, called the sclera in medical terminology. This practice is dangerous, and even more so if the correct equipment is not used, or is not sterilised, which is often the case. Unfortunately, the risks are far from harmless.

The main risk: losing your sight

The model, who is also the mother of a little girl, posted a number of photos of herself posing with her tattoo artist on  Facebook, showing off a purple colour in her eye. A few days later, she continued to take selfies at home, and you can see her eye becoming progressively deformed. The reason for this? The ink used by the so called “artist” was not diluted, among other complications. Nowadays, she shares information about her daily life between surgeries, her GP’s office and the local pharmacy who provide her with a monstrous quantity of antibiotics and medication.

The long term consequences are still unknown

Scientists are still looking into the long term effects of this practice. What will happen when the colours migrate into other parts of the eyeball, or into the body? The phenomenon is too new to know what the long term effects might be, and the consequences are difficult to predict. The solution? Steer clear until more information is available!