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Dying your armpit hair -a trend that lives on!

Screenshot: YouTube

Technicolor armpits

A new whim of fashionistas, or a feminist trend? In any case, flashy armpits seem to be turning modern feminine stereotypes on their heads, and rebelling against the hair removal industry. Let’s look back on the background of this phenomenon …

A trend started by a militant hairdresser

It all started with Roxie Hunt, an American hairdresser and colourist who wasn’t afraid to make her views known. She already introduced us to the idea of multicoloured hair or half-shaves, reminiscent of punk-chic; but next she took on the idea of colouring armpit hair, encouraged by the growing number of women refusing to shave it.

Flashy colours to embellish the fluff

Multicoloured, electric blue, or flourescent pink, the possibilities are unlimited! Miley Cyrus is among the stars who have adopted this trend, and she published photos of her baby pink armpits on social media….

Screenshot: Simplement Debora/YouTube

A feminist protest

In modern society, where women are bombarded by beauty stereotypes, for some women, colouring their armpit hair in technicolour is a form of feminist protest. Helping women to accept their bodies as they are, by decorating the body hair that we now consider “undesirable”, was surely what Roxie intended.