Do you know your breast shape? Find out the names of 9 different types of breasts

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6/ Raisins

Not a very flattering name for these almost non-existent breasts, which are very cute all the same and allow you wear all types of clothes and necklines!

7/ Bowling balls

Sensual and voluptuous, your XXL chest never gives your poor aching back a rest! That said, you’re other half is sure to be delighted, and your generous cleavage is the envy of other women. Be proud of it!

8/ Free falling

Your breasts are slightly pointed, oval and shapely as you please!

9/ Cherries

A little flat, but as round as they need to be, your breasts are small and cute as two buttons! You also have the choice of going bra-less if you so choose. Not bad, huh?

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