Do you know the 6 sexual stages in a woman’s life?

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According to sex therapist Alain Héril, there are 6 psycho-sexual stages in a woman’s life, which correspond to her age. Because we don’t view sex and relationships in the same way when we are 15 as we do when we are 30 or 40. But rest assured, each stage has its advantages! From romanticism to post-menopausal orgasms, find it all out here.

1/ From 16 to 25: romanticism

Adolescence marks the beginning of sexual discovery. It is often a very intense time in which we learn and we experiment with what gives us pleasure, both physically and emotionally. But childhood is still firmly in our minds, and we hold on to some childlike defense mechanisms. Both seductive and romantic, women at this stage seek security as much as they seek adventure, looking for “the one” as well as seeking intense sexual experiences.

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2/ From 25 to 38: creativity

Emotions settle down, we start to know our bodies better and understand what gives us pleasure (and how to give pleasure to our partners). Sexuality becomes more creative and can be very intense, as the sexual world opens up with our partners. After 35 years of age, the biological clock starts ticking, which leads to a very different type of sexuality, often with baby making in mind. We become more free and open about our desires, and live them fully and intensely.

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3/ From 38 to 47: pleasure

Turning 40 can lead us to reflect on our personal and sexual lives. The children start growing up and maybe leave the nest, which leaves us more free time to indulge our pleasures. Femininity and desire start to take an important place in a woman’s life. At this stage, we have usually grown into our bodies, learned to take a balanced approach to them. We have also become confident in who we are. Many women have their first orgasms in this stage of life, as they can finally accept and deal with their emotions, no matter how strong they are, no longer trying to hide them.

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4/ From 47 to 50: questioning

This period represents an important turning point in a woman’s life: she is soon to be in her fifties. This naturally leads us to asking ourselves many questions. But once we have found some answers, we can approach the future and our future pleasures with an air of serenity and calm. And if we are not satisfied in our sex lives at this stage, we may start to question the quality of our romantic relationships, not necessarily with a view to separation, but with a view to finding ways of improving them. This period is characterised by a period of deep intellectual ‘seeking’, in which we look to understand our femininity and incorporate it into our sex lives, to try and reach the heights of pleasure that are possible.

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5/ From 50 to 55: a physical hurricane

In terms of sex, menopausal women can be veritable physical hurricanes! The body changes, periods stop, hot flushes start and are often accompanied by fits of self-doubt or irritability. But it doesn’t mean the end of your libido, quite the opposite in fact. Once your hormones settle, you will be able to rediscover a fulfilling sex life, returning with a great openness of spirit. You may find yourself appreciating erotic pleasures more from day to day, and notice that you find it easier to let go.

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6/ From 55 years onwards: post-menopausal orgasms

From this age onwards, desire stays the same, going so far as to lead to extremely intense post-menopausal orgasms. Because your sex life is now focused uniquely on pleasure, and you have never been more open! You’ll see, everything has its time and place.

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