Discover the improved condom of the future

Credits : Lelo Hex

Exciting news for couples everywhere: the brand LELO have launched a new type of condom -the LELO HEX, which has a new shape, but also offers better resistance. This male condom looks as if it came straight from the future, and seems to be leaving traditional big brand condoms for dust.

Even lighter and finer…

The LELO HEX condom differentiates itself from the others in a number of ways. First off, it is made from very fine rubber -it is only 0.045 mm thick, which is no wider than a strand of hair.

…and more resistant

Despite it’s lightness, the LELO HEX appears much more resistant than other brands on the market. Made from latex, it also feels better than other condoms. In fact, there are numerous little bumps on the condom. Depending on the model, you can count no less than “350 interconnected hexagons” which are situated in the rubber walls of the condom. This is a way of making them more resistant, but also provides more pleasure for both the user and their partner. What’s more, the original shape allows for the condom to stay better in place: it doesn’t slip, even during the wildest of lovemaking sessions!

LELO is a lubricated condom, but for further efficacy, the manufacturers recommend applying more lubricant before use. Ready to be released on the market, this futuristic condom is sure to gain many fans!