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Dieting tip: 7 amazing ingredients to replace butter in your cakes

You won’t even miss butter!

Have you decided to start on a diet, to make up for the excesses of Summer? No need to beat yourself up over a few extra pounds! Even if you have a sweet tooth and can’t deny yourself the occasional cake, remember that there are certain ingredients that can easily replace the fats contained in butter. Here are a few amazing alternatives to continue to enjoy life’s little pleasures, but without the guilt!

1/ Courgette

Did you know that courgette goes brilliantly with chocolate? Don’t look so skeptical, your cake won’t taste like a casserole! On the contrary, courgettes will give it the moisture it needs.

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2/ Apple sauce

Home made apple sauce -an ideal alternative for replacing not only butter, but also sugar in your recipes. It will moisten cakes or muffins.

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3/ Avocado

Avocado is a ‘buttery’ fruit perfect for all your chocolate based recipes! It goes particularly well with full bodied cocoa-based recipes, giving them the good fats that they need to make them moist.

4/ Banana

Bananas can help replace butter and add moisture to your cakes as well as providing a delicious sweetness. If you’re not a big fan of the taste, avoid using bananas, because in contrast to courgettes, they retain their flavour during baking.

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4/ Almonds

Almond butter or ground almonds make the perfect alternatives for healthy cakes. They work very well in biscuits and cookies, but also in brownies and crumbles.

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5/ Tofu

A common ingredient in vegetarian cuisine, tofu (smooth textured, preferably) is not only for savoury dishes. It can produce light, airy cakes, gelling the ingredients together, without taking from the taste.

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6/ Yoghurts or cottage cheese

These contain less fat than butter, even if they are also dairy products. Opt for goats or sheep’s milk rather than cows milk. Opt for low fat products, or even better, ones using milk alternatives such as almond or soya milk, etc. Yoghurts and cottage cheeses will add moisture and lightness to your cakes.

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7/ Vegetable oil

Vegetable oils such as sunflower oil or cocounut oil can easily replace butter in a recipe, to ensure your cakes maintain the same texture.

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