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Dark red lipstick : 5 tips to wear it correctly

Dark lipstick trends have not  gone out of fashion. The stars wear it for main events and there is a broad range of colours available.  If you have decided to be daring and test  dark red lipstick you may have difficulties to make it go with  your look or to assume it. A dark coloured lipstick certainly attracts attention and makes your flaws such as yellow teeth or pimples stand out! It is on the whole classy but you must know how to wear it well. Here are several tips so as to not go wrong.

1) Choose the right colour according to your skin


If you choose the wrong tint you may appear sickly!For a dark skin tone it is important to be aware that brown or bistre tones can harden your features whilst violet or bordeaux tones can highlight your skin. If you have pale skin don’t wear colours which are too dark. Opt for a bright or vibrant red. However there are no fixed rules with makeup so don’t hesitate to test and experiment but remember that if even if a colour is pretty it may not necessarily suit you.

2) Manage the volumes


Be careful of  appearing as if you have thin lips with a dark lipstick. If your lips are thin don’t hesitate to redraw them lightly. You can add a touch of lipgloss or a lighter lipstick in the middle of your lips in order to have more volume. For girls with fleshy lips or average sized lips don’t redraw them as this shows with a dark tone and appears clownlike!

3) Have the perfect skin tone


When one wears red or dark tones one’s flaws stand out and certain tones make you appear tired. In order to avoid this from happening focus on your omplexion. Dont hesitate to correct your dark shadows and any imperfectio,ns and to add light to zones of the face for your skin to appear luminous and healthy. A touch of illuminator above your lips is very nice.

4)The right makeup to go with it


Keep your eye makeup simple. A neutral eyeshadow such as a beige or a light brown and a touch of mascara is enough.

5) The right application


Start by taking care of your lips. Lots of lipsticks dry your lips and highlight the flaws. Remove the dead skin and cracks. Exfoliate your lips and nourish them well.  Draw a contour before you add the lipstick and shade your lips with a crayon which is the same colour in order to ensure that you have drawn your lips well and that it will last. Apply your lipstick with a pencil, directly from the tube or with your finger if you prefer. Apply a corrector around your lips to correct any smudges and to have a neat outline.

Source : Girls