Create your dream space by maximising the natural light

The Roof Window Store

We can all imagine ourselves reclining in an easy chair, feeling the sun’s warm rays coming through the window, creating a bright and cosy atmosphere, but sometimes our homes are not built for our fantasies! If you have a dark, poky attic space that isn’t being used for much, why not transform it with a roof window? 

Boost your mood with natural light

Exposure to sunlight can not only boost your vitamin D levels, but relaxing in a bright and airy space can do your mind the world of good! Picture the scene: you’re in a calm, bright, clutter free zone that you dedicate only to relaxation and repose. Contrast that with your dark attic, full of clutter, and you’ll see it’s time to make a change!! Here are some before and after pictures of how a dark, under-used space can be transformed into something magnificent:

BEFORE:                                                                           AFTER:

The Roof Window Store

BEFORE                                                                            AFTER

The Roof Window Store

BEFORE                                                                             AFTER

The Roof Window Store

Save on energy

According to the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers, independent studies have shown that having a roof light can reduce the amount of energy used for lighting your home, which contributes to one of the greatest energy costs in a building. By maximising the natural light, particularly in the summer months, you can spend less money on electricity, while also doing your bit for the environment.

A roof light for every space

You may have been put off in the past by the thought of the hassle of renovations, but companies such as The Roof Window Store make it extremely easy for you! They have a number of guidelines to talk you through the process, step by step, as well as a wide variety of roof windows and blinds to match every home and every budget.

To find out more, check out their website, and start out on the road to brightening up your home!