Confessions from a beautician: 8 horror stories!

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We are sure you would never dream of going to the beautician all covered in sweat after your gym session, without having taken a shower, your pelvis emitting an unappealing odour… Well nonetheless it seems that not everyone is as conscientious as you are, and some women don’t  seem to mind showing up for their bikini waxes as if hygiene didn’t matter in the slightest. Here are 8 horror stories from brave beauticians, who have shared the deepest secrets of the treatment rooms with us.

My client had clearly just had sex, I noticed when she opened her legs for the bikini line, to wax the inner lips -there was plenty of white evidence! Apparently she didn’t even have the time to wash herself…

Women come in sometimes with a tampon full of blood. Getting your bikini line done during your period -the nerve! At the end of your period, with a tampon, at a limit, but using a pad -you must be joking.

I joined my boss in the office and explained that the woman I was seeing smelled of vomit and was seriously not clean. My boss told me to take her all the same. I went back into the treatment room, she took off her clothes and her underwear was full of blood, urine and…. other substances! The same on her inner thighs! I had to do the treatment all the same, under my boss’s orders. ….

Once I had finished the bikini line, I asked the client if she was happy with the results. As naturally she couldn’t see the area very well, I suggested that she touch the skin  to check. For the first time ever in my career, I was asked “do you want to take a picture?” I nearly exploded from trying not to laugh when she held out her phone to me.

I was due to do a massage on a woman who arrived with her boyfriend. I knocked on the door to see if they were ready. The door didn’t open, so I knocked harder. Still nothing. I said okay, too bad, but I have to start if I want to keep to my appointments schedule. I opened the door and there they were, legs wrapped around one another!

I started doing a bikini line on a client, applying the wax around the lips. I turned around for a minute. The next second, I caught her with her fingers in her vagina, pushing the wax in further! I continued with the waxing, and when I pulled the strip, she started moaning, but not in pain, in pleasure!

In the tanning studio, for some reason certain people pee in the bin. When you’re changing the bin bag, you find your fingers covered in urine….

Being a smoker, I was chewing gum before my appointment, and I started heating the wax before my client got on the treatment bed and we got started. I applied the wax to the bikini line, and she said it was a little hot. I blew a little on the wax to cool it, and poof! My chewing gum got stuck in her pubes! Fortunately, I knew the client well, and we both laughed about it.

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